• This role includes but not limited to: Parking attendant, gate attendant, traffic coordinator, etc.

  • This would be on the water in your personal boat as a safety boat.

  • This would be on the water in your personal boat as a safety boat.



Phantom Productions, LLC will be providing: 

1– Volunteer Swag Bag

2– Box lunches per day Fri / Sat (additional lunches can be purchased)

2– Wrist bands for VIP attendance to all STORM EVENTS (additional passes can be purchased)

2- Meal tickets for all meals provided (DINNER WED, THURS, FRI, SAT, SUNDAY BREAKFAST)

2- Volunteer Safety Shirts per day you volunteer

2- DS Event shirt

A predetermined fuel payment (50$ Friday and 50$ Saturday) This will be paid following the event, for returning safety boats. If this is your first year as a safety boat the fuel reimbursement will be determined based on your availability and dedication to your volunteer job.


For anyone wanting to get a photo from the helicopter you are all welcome to do so.  That station will be open from 1:00 to 2:30 over by Havasu Landing Casino.  WAIT UNTIL the SAFETY COORDINATOR (Dan Herron or Jimmy Nichols RELEASE YOU) At approx. 1:30PM on Friday (Poker Run) you can head over there and get your picture taken. Stay around 35-60 mph for the helicopter to get a good shot.    


Safety boat team agrees to:  

  • Bring your own water and snacks
  • Move within your safety zone Please remember, during the poker run to stay towards the shore and not out in the middle of the lake.  If a boat stalls or breaks down, you can assist and tow them off to the shoreline where they can arrange a tow with Sea Tow, US Tow or a friend.  Our main purpose during the poker run is to keep the middle of the lake clear of boaters and let them know there is an event in progress, and to stay along the shoreline for their safety and/or entertainment J
  • NEVER ANCHOR stay mobile
  • Use flags and horn to gain attention- provided by Storm Poker Runs
  • Mandatory to wear “Orange” Safety Boat Shirts 
  • Mandatory to hang and use the banners provided- This is a USCG requirement
  • No alcohol consumed during ANY on the water activities zero tolerance
  • Radio Use: 
    1. Channel 16 = Emergency and Distress (call on this station only for incident or accident)
    2. Channel 69 = General Marine station = Public non -commercial
    3. DO NOT chatter on radio your job for the day is to keep radio communication open and be available if needed. If there is an EMERGENCY announce it on the radio and call Dan Herron- 928-855-0038 or Jimmy- 602-739-4739 or ChristinA-623-238-1330. But first and foremost, secure the area. Make initial contact and then switch to another frequency to further discussion.  Do not block the radio with chatter- this is for SAFETY PURPOSES and COURSE CONTROL ONLY. Remember to use the map to contact other safety teams around you for assistance if needed. 
  • Main contact via radio
  • Additional box lunches can be purchased @ $15.00 each per day you must request additional by March 14th, 2022.
  • Additional Wrist Bands can be purchased @ $100.00 each you must request additional by March 14th, 2022. This is a significant discount as each wrist band provides 4 meals, and VIP access. 😊



11A. Remember 2 Members are included with this application so this is any in addition to the 2 included. The 100$ provides tickets to all events and meals.



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